Clerk Who Tried To Kick Out Service Dog Learns Law

I understand there are people who are afraid of dogs. I pity them but just like so many things in life, we all have to...

Store Clerk Denies Entrance To Service Dog

I understand there are people who are afraid of dogs. I pity them but just like so many things in life, we all have to live with things we don’t like or fear. Like this clerk in the convenience store. He’s afraid of dogs. Got it. Sorry. But if you’re going to operate in public you have to learn to get past your fears. In this case, he’s just got to get past his fear of dogs enough to see them across the counter from him in the form of service dogs. He doesn’t have to love dogs or adopt one, he just has to accept that he has to let service dogs in to the store. This story comes to us from Yahoo News and News4JAX in Jacksonville, Florida.

A Westside convenience store clerk refused to allow a disabled woman’s service dog into his store, police said. The clerk has since learned more about the law allowing such dogs in places of business.

Amy McDonald depends on her black Labrador, Shane. The service dog is trained to detect seizures.

“When I get closer to having a seizure, he paws and pushes at me,” McDonald said.

Shane can sense a seizure 12 hours before it happens, and McDonald takes him everywhere.

However, McDonald said when she recently took the dog into a convenience store, the clerk told her he had to go.

She was turned away from the store near her Westside home when the man behind the counter and bulletproof glass wouldn’t let her in with the dog.

“He said, ‘I won’t refuse to serve her as long as she leaves the dog outside,’ and he would not get past that,” McDonald said.

“I don’t feel good when I see the dog. I start to shake. I can’t serve anyone right when I’m shaking,” said the store’s clerk Safar.

McDonald said there was a police officer in the parking lot who explained the law, and the worker eventually agreed to let McDonald in on that occasion, but said next time she’d have to leave the dog outside.

McDonald said she wants people to understand allowing her service dog in a business isn’t a courtesy, but the law.

Follow this link to read the rest of the story.

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