Cesar Millan Dog Whispers on “Ghost Whisperer” — His Side of the Story, Day 5

Thanks to Cesar Millan and CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer" for this artwork. Here's the final installment of Cesar's Ghost Whisperer Blog. Thanks for checking it...


Cesar on Ghost Whisperer.jpg

Thanks to Cesar Millan and CBS’ “The Ghost Whisperer” for this artwork.

Here’s the final installment of Cesar’s Ghost Whisperer Blog. Thanks for checking it out and thanks to Cesar Millan and CBS for letting us run it here.

The Instinctual World Meets the Spiritual World

I like to say that when the Dog Whisperer met the Ghost Whisperer, it was instinct meeting spirituality. Instinct and spirituality may be different aspects of our natures, but they are both something that you cant see in the physical world – youve got to feel them to understand them. And you have to be open-minded and relaxed to be able to feel them. Youve got to have faith. So here are two entities that are very similar, only one has to do with living beings (me, the Dog Whisperer) and the other one with non-living beings (Melinda, the Ghost Whisperer). I think it was a perfect match.

I believe human beings are made up of four parts: the instinctual part, the emotional part, the intellectual part, and the spiritual part. I also believe that if any of those parts is underdeveloped, human beings tend to develop issues and its those issues that they pass on to their dogs. Thats because dogs sense and read energy the way that Melinda senses and understands ghosts. A dog knows instantly when a human is unstable. Energy is not just a concept to dogs its a language; a way of navigating the world. And since we cannot see” energy, who knows what else dogs are able to see that we cant?

We all live on the earth. The earth keeps us grounded. But its our connection with the universe the things we cant see or even understand that keeps us growing. And thats why being a guest on The Ghost Whisperer was such an awesome experience for me because the world needs both kinds of whisperers both instinctual and spiritual – to keep itself balanced.

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