Go Out to Eat and Bring Your Dog — It’ll Soon Be Legal in California

A new law will let restaurateurs accommodate dogs, and we have some advice for those who want to attract more doggie diners.


On Thursday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that will make your $14 chicken piccata that much better, because you can enjoy it next to your dog. The law overturns a ban on pets at restaurants and will take effect Jan. 1, according to SF Gate. Each individual restaurant still has the discretion to allow dogs or not, but if they do, then your pal is welcome in outside areas and porches.

You can thank Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, D-Davis, for the change. She knew many restaurants were flouting the law and allowed dogs in outside areas and wanted to “clear up confusion.” The bill got only one “no” vote during the process, and it breezed past Brown, who is a dog lover who routinely walked his dog around town when he was mayor of Oakland.

Looks like nasty stares from dog haters will become a thing of the past, and we might even see restaurants courting the doggie diners. If any restaurateurs want to stop screwing around and get real about it, here’s our suggestions:

20 ways restaurants could better cater to dogs

  1. Poop attendants.
  2. Carrier valets.
  3. Appetizers come to table every four seconds.
  4. Chef greets every dog by name.
  5. Chef trained in triebball.
  6. Chef gives private tours of trash area.
  7. Chef always has a pocketful of meatballs.
  8. All dogs get three minutes with the leftovers bucket in the kitchen.
  9. All dogs allowed to stand on tables to eat.
  10. All dogs allowed to drink from any water glass anywhere.
  11. All dogs allowed to finish your steak.
  12. Trash bins now placed in the front of restaurant.
  13. Dining room turned into an agility course.
  14. Parking lot turned into a dog park.
  15. Receptionist trained in dog massage.
  16. Maitre d trained in flirt pole.
  17. Poop attendant trained in belly rubs.
  18. Free grooming by dishwasher.
  19. Free dog walking by servers.
  20. All dogs get two scoops from the leftovers bucket for dessert.

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