Bo’s Book Update

For those that don't know, our dog Bo has a book coming out in October. It's about our adventures together over the past fourteen years,...
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For those that don’t know, our dog Bo has a book coming out in October. It’s about our adventures together over the past fourteen years, through Bo’s eyes. I just wanted to share with everyone that has been following our story we now have Bo’s book cover.

Here’s the lowdown from Bo himself….so you wanna know about the book?

As some of you may know, I wrote a book for my mother for Christmas 2006. I was low on cash and needed to get her something, so I figured I could either make her an ornament shaped like poo or use my writing ability to create a masterpiece. Since our tree was already adorned with a slew of my Thomas Kinkade like collectibles, I decided on the latter. The book was called: Bo Knows: He Just Doesn’t Listen. It was all of 60 pages long, with pictures.

Several months after giving her the present, my mother sent out a barrage of query letters to literary agents the world over. She finally managed to hoodwink one unsuspecting soul. It was Barbara from the Irene Goodman Agency. Although she didn’t offer the contract right away, I knew a weekly supply of Milk-Bone’s sent her way would do the trick.

Sure enough, a contract was signed in the Summer of 07.

After adding more stories and revising existing content, the manuscript was deemed ready to push onto the publishing world. The title of the book had been changed to Unleashed: Memoirs Of A Man’s Best Friend. I laid down and waited.

Soon enough, but not that soon, “the call” came from Barbara. In what some will say was rude, she bypassed me and spread the good news directly to my parents. I let it slide because I was at camp’ with my sister Copper and brother Logan, and most of you know, they take away our cell phones there. Upon my return I was filled in on the details.

Kensington Books had picked up the book and my editor would be Danielle. I would have until December to add more embarrassing family stories and revise existing content based upon her input. She shared with me a picture of her dog, a sexy little number that I couldn’t wait to meet, which served as an antidote to my procrastinating ways. I submitted the final manuscript the week of Christmas with its new, and final, title..BAD TO THE BONE: Memoir Of A Rebel Doggie Blogger.

I am now working closely with Danielle as a line by line edit of the book is done. At times I think if I had to do it all over again, I would just take the dump, give it to my mother and just admire it on the tree. But then I remember some of the truly funny things that have happened along the way, and I know my story will live on forever. Not that I really care, especially when the carpal tunnel syndrome in my paws acts up, but it seems important to my mother that I finish what I start. A position, I might add, that is diametrically opposed to her stance on the tunnel I’ve started to dig under the fence in our back yard.

Keep an eye out for the book in the September/October 09 timeframe.

So that’s the latest and greatest as of now. I strive to do a better job of keeping everyone updated in the future, but for now it’s back to revising the manuscript.

One more chapter to go before my dog chow is released from hostage.



You can read a preview chapter on Bo’s site, find out how he adopted us.

I want to thank all our wonderful pup pals who have shown so much love and support throughout this project. Dogsters are the best!

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