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Ask Frank: How Do I Get My Humans to Take Better Pictures of Me?

In this installment of Ask Frank, our funny French Bulldog helps a furry reader get camera ready.

Frank  |  May 27th 2016

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, we chatted with Frank of Ask Frank fame. This witty and wise French Bulldog dispenses advice over the Internet, on his blog, and in adorable videos. We were thrilled when Frank agreed to become a regular Dogster contributor. Look for his column every Friday on Dogster.

1. Camera shy


Dear Frank: My humans always take pictures of me when I look my worst! Please help.

Camera Shy in Colorado

Dear Camera Shy: Humans love photos. Don’t fight it. Develop some different poses and faces to give them options – “bored face,” “tired face,” “happy face,” “surprised face,” and, my personal favorite, “sexy face,” just to name a few. You’ll be camera ready in no time.


2. Therapy dog

Dear Frank: What’s it like to be a therapy dog?

Aspiring in Annapolis

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

3. Mark my human


Dear Frank: I’m considering marking my human. I love him. He’s mine. And I feel like I need to stake my claim. What’s your stance on this?

Mine in Minneapolis

Dear Mine: Resist the urge to mark your human. He knows you love him without pee on his leg.