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Boykin Spaniel Day 2024: When & What Is It?

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Dogster Team

boykin spaniel

Boykin Spaniel Day 2024: When & What Is It?

Boykin Spaniels are not well known by the public but have been staple companions among hunters since their inception. These dogs are intelligent, sociable, mellow, and highly trainable. They get along with kids and adults alike too, making them great pet options for lively households that enjoy getting out and exploring the world. It’s a shame that the Boykin Spaniel isn’t better known, but luckily, a special day has been established to help bring attention to the breed. Boykin Spaniel Day is on September 1 each year. Here is what you should know about this special occasion.

Bringing Attention to the Boykin Spaniel Breed

The whole idea behind Boykin Spaniel Day is to bring attention to the breed as a whole. The day is an opportunity to focus on the breed’s looks, skills, personality, and temperament so people can get to know what the dog is all about. The most important thing that people can do on Boykin Spaniel Day is to learn about the breed’s history and how they can fit into farm life as workers and households as pets.

Hopefully, with the extra attention, Boykin Spaniels that need homes can find them, and people looking for sporty dogs that can get along well in most family dynamics will take notice of the breed. To understand the reason that Boykin Spaniels deserve a day of their own to gain attention, you should learn about their history and how they can enrich the lives of dog lovers everywhere.

Exploring Boykin Spaniel History

These multi-talented dogs were developed in the 1900s in South Carolina, where game birds like turkeys, quail, and ducks were abundantly available for hunting. Hunters would get around on boats that enabled them to get from one spot to another more quickly than if on foot. The boats gave them the ability to find prey without having to tromp through the thick forests in the area.

However, these boats were small and couldn’t handle large dog breeds without the risk of capsizing. Therefore, hunters wanted to develop a small breed that could seek out game and bring it back to the boats. This is why the Boykin Spaniel was developed. A businessman named Alec White came upon a small brown spaniel in the streets one day, and the two became quick friends.

Impressed with the dog’s intelligence and disposition, Alec sent the pup to a professional trainer named Whit Boykin. Whit ultimately ended up developing a dog breed based on the little brown terrier that was named after him. Wild turkey hunters went wild over the Boykin Spaniel and helped make the breed popular in the area. This breed is considered one of South Carolina’s “best-kept secrets.”

Boykin Spaniel sitting on leaves
Image By: Zadranka, Shutterstock

A Bit About the Boykin Spaniel’s Personality and Temperament

The typical Boykin Spaniel is loyal, obedient, and eager to please. This athletic, agile breed loves spending time outdoors and exploring natural environments with their companions. While they can hunt with the best of them, they can also fit in as a loving family pet in both apartment and house settings.

The intelligence of the Boykin Spaniel tends to make obedience, agility, and hunting training easy, especially for experienced dog handlers, whether personally or professionally. They can also get along well in public settings when socialized at a young age. They are highly active and require daily exercise, so potential owners should ensure that they have the time and means to provide such exercise before deciding whether to bring this breed home as a pet.

How Boykin Spaniel Day Can Be Celebrated

There are many ways to help celebrate Boykin Spaniel Day. First, consider acquiring a Boykin Spaniel if you’re thinking about taking on a new pet. Even if you can’t get one of your own, you can celebrate in the following ways:

  • Share informational posts about the Boykin Spaniel on your social media accounts to help educate others.
  • Contact a local Boykin Spaniel breeder and/or rescue center, and volunteer your time to take care of the animals in their possession.
  • Have a party with other dog owners in your community and feature the Boykin Terrier as the guest of honor, even if just in spirit.
  • Post fliers in your neighborhood highlighting a few facts about the Boykin Spaniel on the big day.
Boykin spaniel at an empty beach
Image Credit: Zadranka, Shutterstock



September 1 is Boykin Spaniel Day and a great opportunity to learn more about the breed and highlight the features and traits that make them such viable hunting companions and household pets. However, the celebration of this breed does not have to be confined to just one day. Feel free to bring attention to the Boykin Spaniel any time of the year that you feel like it!

Featured Image Credit: Cynthia Davison, Shutterstock

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