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10 Benefits of Traveling With Dogs for You & Your Pet

Written by: Jana Blagojevic

Last Updated on April 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

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10 Benefits of Traveling With Dogs for You & Your Pet

While many of us have friends who are always willing to go on an adventure with us, there is nothing more fulfilling than traveling with your pet. Dogs are sweet and will appreciate every moment with you. The memories you will make of road-tripping with your dog will last forever for both of you and can be an excellent way to strengthen your bond.

Read below for more about all the possible benefits of traveling with your dog.

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The 10 Benefits of Traveling with Dogs

1. Traveling is an Excellent Way to Bond

Traveling is one of the most amazing ways to bond with your lovely pet. While you may enjoy traveling with your own vehicle, your dog surely enjoys this adventure more! They love putting their heads through the window and feeling that wind in their hair.

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2. You’ll Never Feel Lonely

Whether traveling by foot, car, or plane, you never have to feel alone again. You will always have your furry friend who will listen to and love you unconditionally. Your dog can be your best buddy and companion on this trip.

3. Your Pet Will Feel Healthier Physically and Mentally

This benefit will not only benefit you but your dog as well. If your dog adores outdoor playtime, like most other dogs, this adventure will be incredibly fulfilling for them. Their physical and mental health will benefit.

4. You Both Get to Meet New Friends

During a road trip, especially to another city or country, you and your dog will get to see new faces and spaces. These friendships might be for life because what better way to meet your soulmate than walking your dog in a new place and meeting a fellow dog parent?

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5. Your Dog Will Get to Explore New Areas

Exploring new areas is a fantastic way to give your dog mental stimulation. Being curious and brave develops entirely new paths in your dog’s brain, so promoting mental health is incredibly healthy.

6. You’ll Feel Safer

Besides never feeling lonely when traveling with your pup, you will feel safe too. Your dog is your best guardian, sensing people or animals from miles away. They will alert you to any danger, especially if you’ve set up camp outdoors.

7. Your Dog is the Most Flexible Travel Buddy

Traveling with someone open to all ideas, concepts, and plans sounds impossible. However, taking your dog on the trip will give you the least needy travel buddy ever. Our pets never ask for anything other than food, shelter, playtime, and love.

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Image Credit: Yekatseryna Netuk, Shutterstock

8. You’ll Make Memories

Taking your dog with you traveling can be one of the best memories you and your dog will ever make. They have a short life, so helping them live fully is our responsibility as pet parents. Roadtripping with your dog will undoubtedly create new memories that will last forever for both of you.

9. Your Dog Won’t Be Anxious Left at Home

If you take your dog to travel with you, you’ll ensure it won’t be left back at home, anxious and waiting for you to come back. While your dog can get used to this over time, especially if they have a great pet sitter, it would be best to bring your dog along whenever possible.

10. You’ll Save Money on Pet Sitters

Bringing your dog for traveling is cost-effective because it will save you money on pet sitters. Taking your pet on road trips means spending less money on pet sitters and pet walkers, which are incredibly expensive.

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Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Traveling

Before deciding to travel with your dog, keeping them safe at all times is crucial. If you are traveling with a car, keep your dog restrained and unable to roam the vehicle while in motion. If you ever come to a full stop suddenly, it will prevent your dog from being hurt. Use car carriers or beds to keep your dog safe and secure.

Ensure your pet has as many stops as possible to go to the bathroom and have some treats and fresh water before continuing the adventure. Pack all your dog’s health records, medications, foods, treats, waste bags, and other essentials.

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Final Thoughts

Once you learn the perks of traveling with your best bud, hopefully, you will try this fun adventure. One thing is for sure, your dog will absolutely adore you for it and you will appreciate the memories forever.

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