Arkansas Dog Skinned Alive, Sign Petition to Prosecute Torture and Murder as Felony

The level of cruelty a human can inflict is so far beyond any other animal that words fail me. If you doubt that, read the...


The level of cruelty a human can inflict is so far beyond any other animal that words fail me. If you doubt that, read the following article. Only a human monster would have done what was done to this poor dog, Missy!

We can’t help Missy but we can help bring her murderer to justice and protect other animals from this hell-spawn. Sign the petition calling for the crime to be prosecuted as a felony.

Here is the full story from Today’s THV. Please be warned that the story is extremely upsetting. There are photos with the original article but I thought them too gruesome to show here.

Benton Woman Finds Dog Skinned Alive

I love animals, loved animals all my life,” says dog owner Dee Green.

In fact, Green has a hard time turning away stray dogs that roam her Benton neighborhood. Over the years, she’s collected more than eight of them.

She says they come here because, They know that they’ll be loved.”

But Green says it’s possible someone may have retaliated because she has so many.

It’s just like they skinned a deer. That’s what he said, like she had been skinned like a deer. So you can imagine hanging somewhere up on a tree,” explains Green. You know I don’t know how they do deer but you know I can imagine her hanging there and they’re just stripping all her skin off of her.”

Green had just arrived home from work last week when she heard Missy barking. She found her under the carport with her skin hanging off.

“I will never forget that as long as I live. That’s something that nobody needs to go through. It’s terrible,” she explains.

Green rushed Missy to the Benton Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Howard Foggo. Green says she was praying it was just a dog fight, but reality set in when the doctor said Missy had been skinned alive.

Dr. Foggo says, “It was basically cut from here to here all the way around and you can’t just sit there with a knife without someone restraining the animal.”

Dr. Foggo calls it by far the worst animal cruelty case he has ever seen. He had to euthanize Missy.

“It’s wasn’t the pain that I am going through. It’s the pain that I can feel that she went through that she doesn’t deserve,” says Green.

So for now, she’s is busy keeping an eye on her other beloved pets, so tragedy doesn’t strike again.

“Somebody like that needs to be caught and they need to be prosecuted,” says Green.

The Saline County Sherriffs Department has no suspects. If you have any information you’re asked to call them at 501-303-5608. Green is offering a $1500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

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