Annoying Habits from Sam I Am

If you haven't checked out the Sam I Am site, you're in for a treat! Sam, a Weimaraner, is frequently philosophical and sometimes fun. Like...


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Sam Shares Doggie Wisdom

If you haven’t checked out the Sam I Am site, you’re in for a treat! Sam, a Weimaraner, is frequently philosophical and sometimes fun. Like this piece below. As someone who lives with two Weims and two hounds I really “get” the fun here!

1.”Come!” means I go to my human, not the other way around.

2.After 8 weeks of agility training, I will not decide that the last day, when my human’s friends come to watch me, is the time to go running off all around the field. If I do run off, I will not come running back to my human 5 minutes later, smiling happily at her.

3.After a large snowfall, I will not pretend I do not like the snow by only staying on the side walk in the yard, only to take off in 3 graceful leaps to the other end of the fence when I feel the need to protect the yard.

4.All six of us do not have to go outside at exactly the same time as my human. She does not need to have her feet trampled, especially by the bigger dogs.

5.Although I am a weimy, I do not need to “retrieve” my human’s arm whenever he returns from an absence.This will not help to eliminate those absences.

6.Although I am a weimy, I must not bring home one of every single pair of gloves in the neighborhood. It is embarrassing when they all have to come and ask my humans if she has their gloves. (And she only brings ONE of each pair, no pair, just one glove from each.)

7.At the beach, I will not wait until I am next to a person who is sunbathing or sleeping to shake water and sand off, especially if I don’t know the person.

8.Begging for someone to take me for a run then stealing their sneakers is counter-productive.
Being patted on the head is not a signal to roll over on my back so the patting hand can then rub my belly.
Chewed up underwear/feminine hygiene products/poop from the backyard is NOT a “toy” to be offered to guests.

9.Even though I am a pointer/retriever, I don’t have to bring all those bright yellow sacks into the backyard that the nice neighbors leave on the curb every week for the big trash truck.

10.Even though I am a weimy , I will not greet my humans at the door carrying underwear, socks, gloves, or Christmas tree ornaments in my mouth, especially if the humans are bringing guests home.

For more musings take a spin over at Sam I Am!

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