And The Good Samaritan Award Goes To….

There are so many sad stories in the news about the horrific crimes people commit against dogs it starts to become overwhelming. When I came...
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There are so many sad stories in the news about the horrific crimes people commit against dogs it starts to become overwhelming. When I came across a story about a woman who rescued two lost labs wandering the streets and read two years prior she did the same thing I knew I had to share this story.

Teri Carnessal, who lives in the Jacksonville, FL area truly deserves a good samaritan award. Last Sunday while driving down the highway she noticed two labs running in the road. Knowing something was not right with this picture she stopped her car and called out to the labs who without hesitation jumped right in.

Once inside Carnessali’s vehicle, the black and blonde canines were well-behaved on the ride home and seemed content to wile away the hours in their rescuer’s Florida room. Because Carnessali has cats, she knew she couldn’t keep the two large dogs, but she couldn’t let them roam a busy road where she felt sure they’d eventually be hit by a car.

The crazy part is that two years ago she rescued another pair of labs, one blonde one black, not far from where these two were. At first she thought they may be the same pair but they weren’t. Also, unlike the first pair there were no signs put up for these two.

No signs appeared near the site of the black and blonde dogs, and after putting the word out, sending out notices and keeping the dogs at her home for as long as possible, Carnessali had to board them at her veterinarian’s office.

“I didn’t know how long I could afford to do that,” she said, “but I hated to take them to a shelter. It’s hard to find homes for large dogs, and I didn’t want to separate them.”

Not only did she take the time to stop and rescue these dogs from getting run over on the highway she paid to board them to keep them safe. In my book that makes Teri Carnessali a true hero. Eventually Carnessali received a call from a man about the missing dogs.

“When he described the dogs, even down to one of them having a place on his leg without hair, I knew they were his,” Carnessali said, explaining how the man had been on vacation with his family and had a neighbor taking care of his pets.

After the phone call a happy family reunion soon ensued. Carnessali said, “It’s a great feeling to be able to reunite a person with their pet.” I think it’s a great feeling knowing there are people like Teri Caressali out there.

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