All About Dog Socialization

dogedit  |  Apr 30th 2010

Socialization in my opinion is allowing your dog to get accustomed to different environments and situations that it will continually experience throughout its life. The primary goal should be to have a dog that is comfortable in a NORMAL situation. All dogs are different from one another even those from the same breed. Some dogs are born in the litter a bit shy and some are dominant in nature. There are some things that we cannot completely change in our dogs. The first point I would like to stress is that socialization should be in a controlled environment. Meaning I do not believe that one should just toss a young dog in a pack of strange dogs and let him sort it out himself. Controlling the environment means you have to choose what dog, person and experience it will get in contact with. By controlling the environment you can control the outcome. There are many things your dog could pick up by physical contact – 1) a dog attack 2) bad manners and 3) diseases. Some dogs get so traumatized by an attack that it forever changes their temperament. Some good dogs pick up bad behavior from other “playmate” dogs.