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How Good Is a Vizsla With Kids? Activities, Downsides & FAQ

Written by: Beth Crane

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Good Is a Vizsla With Kids? Activities, Downsides & FAQ

Hungarian Vizslas are a popular breed growing in demand in the United States. Originating in Hungary, the Vizsla is a vision in red with a bright coat and an alert expression. Despite being on the larger side, they are as gentle as they come and are renowned for being playful yet gentle with children. Of course, each dog’s individual personality will affect how suitable they are for children, and the children’s personalities will also have an effect. We’ll explore how good the Vizsla is with children of all ages and some activities they can do together.


What Is the Vizsla Like?

The Hungarian Vizsla is a breed made for retrieving.1 The Vizsla was first bred in Hungary, with references to the breed dating back to 1357. The dog held a special place in hunters’ hearts as a friendly and incredibly companionable sporting dog. The Vizsla is smart, stubborn, and full of energy; they need plenty of exercise to keep their minds sharp and their bodies relaxed. This is an important factor when considering pairing a Vizsla with kids!

Vizslas are very much “people” dogs. They cannot bear to be apart from their families and love to be involved in everything they do, so that needs to be considered if you have a job that keeps you away from home. The good thing about this is that you’ll always have an eager companion with you on the school run, and your children will have an agile and enthusiastic playmate!

Vizslas are very sociable and friendly and are a good choice for families with children and other pets. This will depend on socialization as a puppy, but well-socialized Vizslas are usually perfectly comfortable being overly loving to cats, other dogs, and other pets.

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What Is the Vizsla Like With Children?

Almost all Hungarian Vizslas adore the children they have the fortune to meet. The busy buzz of family life won’t put off well-socialized Vizslas, and they’ll often be there to celebrate a birthday and milestone alongside your child. Older children who can train them will learn how loving and intelligent the breed is, and they’ll find a best friend and confidant.

Smaller children can fare well with them, too, but they may not be the best pairing with this breed. The Vizsla is extremely energetic and sometimes doesn’t know its own strength, so the concern would be around accidentally knocking small children over or being overly enthusiastic.2 This worry can be mitigated with constant supervision, but waiting until your children are big enough to dodge a joyful knock from these loving dogs is best.

Older children can take an active role in the care and training of a Vizsla, and many will find the dogs to be a loyal and unwavering presence in their lives. Sports are an excellent opportunity for older children to connect with the Vizsla, and they often excel at canine sports such as agility. They love to run free (most of them need to), so biking or jogging with their Vizsla is another opportunity for kids to get outdoors with their dogs.

Vizslas can be stubborn, however, due to how intelligent they are. Kids should get involved with training their Vizsla as much as possible to show them who’s the boss, but they should remember to use positive training methods and never frighten or hurt their dog.

What Activities Can Kids Do With Vizslas?

Children can do so many activities with their dogs that we can’t list them all here, which is amazing! However, we can list some activities a retrieving breed like the Vizsla will likely love:

  • Hide and seek
  • Find the treat: Hiding treats around the home for your Vizsla to sniff out and your child to spot
  • Racing in the yard
  • Hide and seek with treats: Your child holds the treat and hides while you wait with your Vizsla; then you let them “track” your child, and they get rewarded with a treat when they find them
  • Chasing toys with a toy tied to the end of a long rope
  • Frisbee or soccer in the yard

Some activities for older children and their Vizsla include:

  • Hiking
  • Agility or obedience competitions
  • Kids’ dog shows
  • Jogging
  • Dog classes, such as obedience

It’s crucial to ensure your activity is age-appropriate for your Vizsla and kids, as younger children could accidentally get injured by your pup hurtling around them, and young Vizslas who are still growing should not over-exercise as it can affect how their bones and joints grow.

Vizsla dog playing outdoor
Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

What Are the Downsides to Having a Vizsla With Kids?

While the charms of the loving Vizsla are well known, there are some other traits that don’t mesh so well with a busy household. Vizslas are energetic and need hours of exercise a day. They also need the opportunity to run full-tilt daily, so they will need more than just taking them for a quick walk around the block if you’re busy.

They are also very attached to their owner and can get separation anxiety; if you take your children to clubs or other activities that take you out of the home for longer periods, your Vizsla will likely be unhappy.

The Vizsla’s beautiful coat is short and has no undercoat, so they don’t need extensive grooming. However, they must be brushed once a week to remove any shed hair. Children can get involved with the grooming of their Vizsla, which can be an excellent bonding activity.

Which Breeds Are Good With Children?

Many canines are known for being good with children alongside the Vizsla, and they all have their individual quirks and temperaments. The type of dog you choose depends on their looks and temperament as well as how well they get on with kids, so think about the kind of dog that would fit your family’s life best. Some child-friendly dog breeds include:

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The Vizsla is a loyal, energetic dog as loving as it is devoted to family. They are a medium-large breed that brims with enthusiasm, so they’re the perfect companions for older children to get into mischief with. While small children certainly don’t phase most Vizslas, the energy and size of the dog may be too much for tiny kids. Children can enjoy plenty of activities with their Vizslas, and the dogs are happiest around their families.

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