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20 Popular Boxer Mixes (With Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 by Dogster Team

Boxer Mastiff Mix

20 Popular Boxer Mixes (With Pictures)

With their high energy and playful yet loyal temperaments, it’s little surprise that Boxers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These fun-loving dogs are great family dogs, but they are also highly loyal and supremely protective of their families, making them ideal guard dogs too — the job for which the breed was developed.

With all these desirable characteristics, the Boxer has been a part of many designer breeds that are arguably just as adorable. In this article, we take a look at 20 of these designer breeds in all their glory! Let’s dive in!

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The 20 Popular Boxer Mixes

1. Australian Boxherd (Boxer x Australian Shepherd Mix)

The Australian Boxherd is an intelligent and energetic pooch, and with their Australian Shepherd heritage, this is a devoted dog that bonds strongly with their owners. They are medium-sized dogs that need a great deal of exercise to stay happy and healthy, and they are not suitable for apartment living.

2. Bogle (Beagle x Boxer Mix)

Bogle (Boxer x Beagle Mix)
Image By: Somo_Photography, Pixabay

Also commonly known as a Boxel, this Beagle hybrid is cheerful, eager to please, and friendly with everyone they come across. That said, these dogs have the stubborn and independent nature of their Beagle parent too, and this can make training difficult for novice owners. They are strong, stocky animals that are highly athletic, making them ideal working dogs.

3. Boston Boxer (Boxer x Boston Terrier Mix)

The Boston Terrier bears a close resemblance to the Boxer, and the Boston Boxer hybrid is often identical to a Boxer, albeit in a smaller frame. Don’t be fooled by their slightly smaller size, though; these dogs have a ton of energy and still need a great deal of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They bond strongly with their owners and do not enjoy being left alone for long periods.

4. Box Heeler (Blue Heeler x Boxer Mix)

Blue Heelers are known for their independent nature, a trait that is somewhat contrasting with the affectionate and loving nature of the Boxer, so the Box Heeler is usually somewhere in between. Both parent breeds can be a challenge for novice owners to train, but with patience and dedication, the Box Heeler is a dependable and loyal pooch indeed.

5. Boxachi (Boxer x Chihuahua)

The Boxachi is a unique mix and a fairly new addition to the designer line of Boxer hybrids. As such, little is known about the breed, although they are likely to be highly intelligent and exceedingly affectionate. Of course, both parent breeds have a stubborn streak that is likely to show itself in the Boxachi too.

6. Boxador (Boxer x Labrador Retriever)

What do you get when you combine two of the most loyal and well-loved breeds in the U.S.? A Boxador! This Labrador cross is one of the most popular Boxer hybrids for many reasons. They are great family dogs, highly intelligent, and easy to train and have low grooming requirements – a near-perfect designer breed, in our opinion. Did we mention that they’re adorable too?

7. Boxer Basset (Boxer x Basset Hound)

Boxer Basset sitting on couch
Image Credit: Anna Hoychuck, Shutterstock

The Boxer Basset is a short, medium-sized pooch that often comes equipped with the Basset Hound’s long, droopy ears. These dogs are known to be a fair bit of a challenge to train because they can be stubborn at times, but their high intelligence and eager-to-please nature make up for it. They are great family dogs because they are generally docile and even-tempered and gentle with children.

8. Boxer Chow (Boxer x Chow Chow)

If you’ve ever imagined having a fluffy Boxer, this Chow Chow hybrid is about as close as it gets! They typically have the medium-length, thick coat of their Chow parents but are far more muscular, stocky, and powerful, making for an intimidating dog indeed. They are easily trainable dogs, making them ideal for novice owners and families with young children.

9. Boxerdoodle (Boxer x Poodle)

This Poodle hybrid breed may inherit the short coat of the Boxer or the fluffy coat of the Poodle or be somewhere in between, but they are an adorable pooch either way! They are energetic pooches that will require a fair amount of daily exercise to keep them happy, but they are as loyal, lovable, and intelligent as they come.

10. Boxita (Boxer x Akita)

Both the Akita and Boxer are muscular, powerful breeds, and this designer hybrid is no different. The Boxita is an extremely athletic pooch with a ton of energy, and they are known to be somewhat stubborn and challenging to train, making them a breed suited toward more experienced owners. They are known for being great family dogs, though, and are highly loyal and devoted animals.

11. Boxmas (Boxer x Mastiff)

The Mastiff is a large, powerful dog and when combined with a Boxer, can make for an intimidating breed indeed. They are generally gentle giants, though, with a ton of devotion and affection to give. They are great family dogs, and their intimidating stature makes them excellent guard dogs. They are known for developing powerful bonds with their owners and are loyal animals.

12. Boxmatian (Boxer x Dalmatian)

boxer dalmatian mix chewing toy
Image by: SikorskiFotografie, Shutterstock

This is a Boxer with spots! This Dalmatian hybrid is a playful, energetic pooch that needs a great deal of exercise and interaction to stay happy and healthy. They are larger than Boxers and may inherit the exuberant qualities of their Dalmatian heritage, a trait that can be problematic around small children. They are the ideal companion for active owners, though, with an almost inexhaustible reserve of energy.

13. Boxollie (Boxer x Border Collie)

Boxollie (Boxer x Border Collie)
Image by: EdHarless, Shutterstock

One of the most popular Boxer designer breeds, this Border Collie hybrid is super smart and incredibly athletic. They are great family dogs, with a gentle and affectionate nature and staunch devotion to their owners. As you’d imagine, these dogs are highly energetic and will need a great deal of regular exercise to keep them mentally and physically satisfied.

14. Boxsky (Boxer x Siberian Husky)

Boxsky lying on the ground
Image by: Helena Franck, Shutterstock

A unique designer breed, this Boxer and Husky mix is supremely athletic and full of energy. With their Husky heritage, these dogs can be independently minded and stubborn at times, making them difficult to train and not ideal for novice owners. They have high exercise demands and are not suited to apartment living. But if you have a large space at home and plenty of time to dedicate to regular exercise, they are a wonderful breed to own.

15. Boxweiler (Boxer x Rottweiler)

Boxer and Rottweiler Mix
Image by: suttirat wiriyanon, Shutterstock

If you are looking for a devoted guard dog, they don’t come more protective and loyal than a Rottweiler, and this hybrid combines that loyalty with a friendly and loving character. They are playful, sweet dogs in general, but with the Rottweiler heritage, they need a firm and consistent hand in training.

16. Bullboxer (Boxer x Pitbull Terrier)

Bullboxer (Boxer x Pitbull)
Image by: Ipek Morel, Shutterstock

The Boxer and Pitbull are two similar breeds both in temperament and appearance, and this mix makes for a great hybrid breed. They are immensely powerful, with an intimidating appearance, but they are sweet and gentle-natured dogs at heart. Due to their power and strength, these dogs need early socialization and disciplined training and are not recommended for novice owners.

17. Bullboxer Staff (Boxer x Staffordshire Terrier)

Bullboxer Staff lies on the grass
Image by: TetyanaLev, Shutterstock

If you are looking for a protective guard dog, the Bullboxer Staff is certainly a good choice. Combining two loyal and devoted breeds, these dogs are highly affectionate and loving with their family and somewhat wary of strangers, making them great family protectors. They need plenty of socialization and a firm, consistent hand in training.

18. Bulloxer (Boxer x American Bulldog)

Bulloxer (Boxer x American Bulldog)
Image by: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

The Boxer and American Bulldog are similar breeds, both with strong, sturdy frames and loyal, devoted temperaments, so the combination would naturally be a great match. They are generally sweet, friendly dogs despite their imposing appearance, and they make great family dogs that are gentle and loving with children.

19. German Boxer (Boxer x German Shepherd)

A somewhat unlikely mixed breed, this German Shepherd hybrid inherits the best traits of their parent breeds, making for a loving and playful yet loyal and devoted pooch. They are intelligent dogs that are highly trainable and ideal for novice dog owners, they make great family pooches, and they are as protective and loyal as they come.

20. Golden Boxer (Boxer x Golden Retriever)

Golden Boxer (Golden Retriever x Boxer)
Image by: kung_tom, Shutterstock

The Golden Boxer is a combination of two of America’s most loved family pooches, and as a result, they make for a wonderful family dog indeed. They are intelligent, devoted, playful, and gentle and bond strongly with their owners. They often inherit the long coat of their Retriever parents and are as adorable as they are friendly.

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Final Thoughts

With the Boxer being such a friendly and loyal breed, any hybrid is likely to inherit these sought-after traits, and most are wonderful family dogs indeed. It’s important to remember, though, that these dogs can be stubborn at times and have a fair amount of energy that needs to be released. Some hybrids can be a challenge to train and may need far more exercise than is typical for Boxers.

Featured Image Credit: Virginia Blount, Shutterstock

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