Ask GiGi: What Should My Dog Be This Halloween?

We dogs are underwhelmed at the thought of dressing up as pumpkins or Ewoks. C'mon, give us a little dignity here.

GiGi  |  Oct 8th 2012

Dear GiGi,

Halloween is coming up, and I can’t decide what to dress my Yorkie as! My boyfriend hates that I dress up my dog, but my dog doesn’t seem to mind and people really get a kick out of it. Any ideas?

Happy Halloween, Gi!


Hamtramck, MI

Oh, for the love of … is it that time again?? Uuuuuuugh. If there was ever a time to run away, this would be it.

While you humans delight in dressing us as giant hot dogs, superheroes, other animals we are not … we are less than AHmuuuuuzed.

Do you know what it’s like to show up to the dog park the day after Halloween? I have to hear all the snickers and smack talk ’cause I walked around town with a pumpkin hat on my head! I lose all street cred and have to start back at the bottom of the pack, behind the Yorkie with the pink bow stuck to her forehead and that fat bulldog in the stroller. Yeah, thanks!!

Listen, Beth — do your dog a favor and leave the costumes for the kids. If you MUST dress your dog, at least go with something a little more dignified like Darth Vader, a presidential nominee, or a strip of bacon.

No trick, just TREATS!!!


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