Videos We Love: 10 Dogs on 10 Treadmills

This long, inspiring video is just the thing to get your butt in gear after the long weekend!

Michael Leaverton  |  May 27th 2014

Last week, a video of a man using a drone to take his dog for a walk went viral — here’s our official take on it. My take is simpler: If you have a drone and if you have a dog, and if every so often you find yourself looking slowly from one to the other like you’re about to formulate a super plan that will give you a few more minutes lying on the couch every day, slap yourself in the face. Hard. Really, just hit yourself and banish whatever idiot idea you were about to come up with and go back to thinking about Ding Dongs or self-watering plants or whatever dumb thing you were obsessing on before your dog sat next to your drone.

And then grab a leash and go take your dog for a walk. Also: What are you doing with a drone?

However, there’s another video that is also going viral, which also concerns dogs and walking and ways to accomplish it that involves something other than just taking your dog for a damn walk.

Treadmills. The subject of this post is treadmills.

Dan Berber counts himself among the many who use treadmills to walk their dogs. But Dan Berber stands alone as a owner who uses 10 treadmills to walk 10 dogs, while excitedly swinging around a rope topped with a ball to amuse another 10 or so dogs. Dan seems to have a lot on his schedule.

A word before you hit play: Don’t worry if you don’t make it to the end, because once you’ve seen the start (dogs running on treadmills) you’ve seen the end (dogs running on treadmills). The middle (dogs running on treadmills) is sort of long and meditative.


Great stuff, huh? Did you catch the part with the dogs running on the treadmills? Here are some things we thought about when watching the video:

  • These dogs are getting a lot of exercise.
  • Dan is getting a lot of exercise.
  • Did Dan get these treadmills from the set of Mad Max?
  • That dog on the far left is such a slacker!
  • Would it kill Dan to let a dog catch the ball every once in a while?
  • Dan has the kind of whistle you’ll remember for the rest of your life.
  • If Dan could rig these treadmills up to a generator, he could power Baltimore.
  • Dan probably has the wherewithal to do just that, by the looks of these treadmills.
  • This is a long video, for dogs on treadmills.
  • I wish that dog on the left would pick it up a bit. C’mon, pal!
  • Well, nearly four minutes of watching dogs on treadmills. I guess I can cross that off the bucket list.

Via Gizmodo

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