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Not That You Need Them, But Here Are 6 Reasons to Get a Puppy for Your Kids

Need to drop someone a hint? Here are 6 reasons why a kid needs a puppy courtesy of BuzzFeed.

 |  Sep 20th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Editor's Note: Psst. If you're getting your kids a puppy, we hope you'll adopt instead of shop, or at the very least do your homework on responsible breeders to find the healthiest pupster possible!


We realize we may be preaching to the choir here, so we figured we'd share this as a little wink-wink smirk-smirk with y'all since we know you probably once employed these methods to trick your parental units into getting you a puppy and you've never lived without one since!

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This post is also good if you're trying to bring others into the fold of dog loving since, duh, dogs do and will improve any life they touch. But you're even smarter than that -- you not only want to hook adults, but children too, since if you start 'em young, you can turn them into dog-lovers for life.

Dogs live like, what? About an average of 15 years? That's a minimum of four dogs in an average lifetime -- that's at least four dogs out of the shelters and in loving forever homes.

Fortunately, BuzzFeed has compiled 6 reasons why kids need puppies in one handy little video, although we're sure you can think of more reasons.

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So if you know any expecting parents, just post this to their Facebook wall. You know, as just a little hint.

What are some other reasons you would add to the list as to why you should get your kids need a puppy?

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