Why do Some Pets Drink Large Amounts of Water?

 |  Nov 6th 2008  |   0 Contributions

What would cause a dog to drink a large amount of
water at one time several times a day? Otherwise
seems to be normal. Energy is good and eats normal
for a 8-month-old pup. No other symptoms.


Any time a client mentions that their pet is drinking excessive amounts of water, my ears perk up. Increased thirst can be a sign of many different diseases and syndromes.

Diseases that cause increased thirst include diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, other glandular disorders, some types of bladder problems, some infections and certain types of cancer.

Most of the diseases that cause increased thirst cause other symptoms such as weight loss, weight gain, decreased appetite, lethargy or a poor-quality coat of hair. And most of the diseases that cause increased thirst occur most often in middle-aged or older pets.

Thankfully, increased thirst is not always caused by a serious disease. Dogs that exercise a great deal, eat salty food or live in hot climates may drink large amounts of water.

And, for their size puppies drink relatively more water than adults. This is because they require extra water (and food) to support their high metabolisms and growth. And this is what I suspect is going on with your pup.

If your pet fails to grow or thrive, loses its appetite, becomes lethargic or develops increased thirst that is more pronounced I'd recommend a trip to the vet. But I have a hunch that there is nothing wrong with your dog.


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