Way Cool Heroic Rubble Dogs of World War II

 |  May 21st 2010  |   17 Contributions


In Great Britain, a revered veterinary charity called the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals is commemorating several dogs who helped rescue hundreds from the rubble of war in London. We'll show you three photos here, but you can find more on this BBC page. Above is Rip, who had been rescued by an air raid warden unit when his Dockland home was bombed. Between 1941 and 1942 he went on to save more than 100 people himself.


This is Beauty. This intrepid terrier helped rescue hundreds of people from rubble. Imagine seeing her happy terrier face peering in and barking when you'd given up on ever being found alive.


Peter was a family dog whose owners signed him up for service. His achievements as a search dog led to him getting to meet (and sniff, it seems) Queen Elizabeth and King George VI.


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