Vote For North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue

 |  Sep 22nd 2009  |   0 Contributions

mozart493145_1173226789Dogster member Mozart just contacted me know about The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. They're giving 73 shelters the chance to win a part of a $100,000 grant.

North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue is entered in the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge! And they could really use the funds!

Although I personally did not come from this Rescue, me & Mom have done some demos for their Fund Raisers & we've visited their Shelter a lot. I was used as Demo Dog for some training Dog Haven did for them.

North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue could really use our help! I mean, just look at the vet bills they have, yikes!

They champion the Bully Breed! Many of their rescues have been pulled from Death Row! Many have been rescued from being Dumped by Uncaring Humans! Many may never find their Furever Home but will always be welcome at NMAR!

NMAR needs our help fellow pupsters!!!!!!!

Pleasfacee go to Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge
In the seach options go to:

State - NC

City - Harrisburg

or just type in the shelter name: North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue and then VOTE!

NMAR needs to catch a break!

The North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue looks like a great place. Good luck to them and all the other deserving shelters that entered.

* Dogster member Mozart on top and an abused dog rescued by NMAR pictured below.


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