Three-Legged Dog Earns Agility Championship

 |  Apr 10th 2009  |   0 Contributions

If you have ever doubted that pets can lead high quality lives after losing a limb, consider the following blurb from the March, 2009 issue of Veterinary Technician.

Three-Legged Race for Agility

There's certainly no stopping Amy, and her perseverance and tenacity carry over to Serena, her 10-year-old mixed-breed dog (although Amy prefers the agility term "All-American"). Serena recently earned her championship title in agility, despite having only three legs.

Adopted by Amy 9 years ago, Serena had been performing agility for many years when she suffered a severe fracture of her right front leg, which was already weakened by previous radiation treatment. The leg couldn't be saved, but Serena's love for the sport was undiminished.

Today, Serena continues to inspire people in competitions held around the country. Amy realized the impact Serena made on people's lives when she met a father and son who watched Serena compete. Afterward, the father turned to the young boy and said, "Son, see that dog out there? Whenever you say you can't do something in life, think of her. She's the reason why you can."

I have only one disappointing thing to say about Amy and Serena. I was able to find a MySpace page for Serena, but not a Dogster page. Amy, please, for Serena's sake, upgrade to Dogster!

Photo: Lilly Mae does it with four legs.


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