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Did you know that some dogs like to drink booze if given the chance? Jake got into some port once, and some Bailey’s another time (he seems to prefer the sweet stuff). Fortunately he’s a big dog who just had a few sips, so he was fine. But too much alcohol can put a dog into a coma, or even kill him, according to an informative new Dogster article about keeping your dog safe at Thanksgiving. Check it out!

And FYI, Jake and the humans in my family and I are on a mini vacation in beautiful Studio City, Calif. We had a great drive down from San Francisco today, with Jake taking up most of the back seat and my 14-year-old human child squished into what remained of her seat. He slept with his head on her lap almost the whole way, waking up only for a couple of pit stops. Will post more when we’re done with our day of explorations today, but I wanted to let you know that posts for the rest of the week will be on the light side.


Photo: Dezeen design magazine