Texas Great Dane Lucy Lost in Car Crash -- Help Her Get Home

 |  Jul 12th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Thanks to Mischief for barking in this plea for help for a missing Texas dog.

My sympathies to the woman's family and here's hoping Lucy gets home soon.

Please forward this to anyone who can help.

I have a friend who was driving her teenaged daughter and 8 month old puppy last night 7/10/07, got in a car accident, and died. Daughter is in the hospital with a broken pelvis, the dog wasn't found.

Please help try to find the dog. Details:

Dog is a female Great Dane, 8 months old, Black and white, could be called "Boston" colored or "Mantled" colored. Her name is Lucy, she is wearing tags and was also microchipped. No idea if the dog was hurt in the accident or not, apparently the car rolled, daughter was knocked out for a short time, so there's no idea what happened with the dog.

Accident occurred on I-20 in Eastland, Texas, about 1.5 hours away from Fort Worth. Owner is registered as "Stacy Paris" (the dead woman's husband), I don't want to give out his phone number, so contact me at karynkosh@yahoo. com if you hear anything.

Thank you,


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