Needed: Loving Homes For Two Very Special Dogs

 |  Jul 17th 2008  |   4 Contributions

You see abuse stories everyday but here's one that really caught my attention. This story is from Cullman County in Alabama.

Two dogs found beaten and bloody in a bag of dog food are ready for adoption according to Cullman Area Animal Welfare Association president Linda Morgan.

These two have survived a horrendous situation and deserve a wonderful caring forever home. They are going to have some special needs so it's important to find the right placement.

The dogs are hound mix and have developed medical problems as a result of the abuse. One dog named R.C. is totally blind. The other named M.C. may have a slight neurological problem because his depth perception appears to be off, said Mathis.

They may have special needs but it sounds like you won't find more loving dogs than these two, amazing after what they've been through.

Anyone interested in adopting the dogs should contact Sonya Mathis at 256-636-4627.

I urge anyone that may have information to contact the sheriff. We need to get people who could do this to defenseless animals off the streets.

According to the Code of Alabama. a person is guilty of animal cruelty if he or she killed or injured an animal without good cause. In Alabama, animal cruelty is a Class B misdemeanor.sless animal off the streets.


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