May I Smell Your Cell?

 |  Oct 3rd 2008  |   2 Contributions

Razor, a 14-month-old Malinois, has a new job. She was hired to sniff out cell phones being brought into Florida prisons.

A new law makes it illegal to smuggle a cell phone into the prison, it can now get you 1-5 years. Turning your "day visit" into a much longer stay.

TAMPA - Cell phones smuggled into Florida prisons help inmates with everything from dealing drugs to plotting escapes.

A law took effect Wednesday making it illegal to smuggle cell phones into prisons. To combat the problem the phones can create, the state Department of Corrections recently got a cell-phone-sniffing dog.

The dog will report to duty in mid-November.

"Just like a drug dog is trained to smell drugs, Razor is trained to smell cell phones," Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said.

When the $6,500 dog starts her job, she will be the first pooch in Florida's prisons used exclusively to sniff for cell phones. No date has been set for Razor to sniff around in the Tampa Bay area.

I hope Razor used her status as the first in her field to secure the necessary work benefits, premium dog food and unlimited treats .


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