Is That A Rottweiler In Your Sewer?

 |  Sep 10th 2008  |   4 Contributions

This is an amazing story of friendship and survival. In Schaumburg, IL. two Rottweilers disappeared off the 10 acre lot where they lived.

The dogs, 10 month old Trixie and 11 month Bosco, were originally thought to have been dognapped.

They were gone for 11 days when a worker, from A Lamp Concrete Contractors Inc., heard a noise coming from the drainage system on the property.

Popping open a manhole in the driveway, they saw Trixi peering up from 10-feet below, said receptionist Theresa Polizzi.

It didn't take long to retrieve the freezing and shaken 10-month-old "shop dog."

Bosco was nowhere in sight, but the rescue workers knew he couldn't be far behind, Polizzi said.

"Wherever she goes, he's following her," she said.

Employees called one of the company's regular vendors to run a camera through the 18-inch pipe and spotted the 11-month-old dog about 225 feet away.

Although the dogs had both lost a staggering amount of weight, at least 15 lbs. each, they were doing surprisingly well. Both were taken to the emergency veterinary hospital for care but were released the same day.

I don't think it's a good idea for Bosco to play Follow the Leader with Trixie anymore.


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