Help!! Stolen Dogs!!

 |  Jul 10th 2008  |   8 Contributions

I wanted to pass along a letter I received about six Toy Manchester Terriers that were stolen from a home.

The police think that the burglary was a cover and that the dogs were the target.A neighbor saw, the day of the break in, a white truck and a red car in her drive way.

Reward offered for information leading to the safe return of these dogs. If you have ANY info, PLEASE contact:
Thrse Szulik - St-Damien, Qubec Canada
Tel: (450) 835-4699 Email:

I can't imagine the feeling of having six of your buddies just taken from you. If you live in the Quebec, Canada area, please keep your eyes out for these cute dogs.

Thanks Simba for bringing our attention to it.


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