Growing Up Guide Pup - Week 1

 |  Feb 18th 2010  |   0 Contributions

Welcome to the premiere edition of Growing Up Guide Pup, a vlog by a woman who is raising her 10th guide dog. In today's installment, we meet Ricki, one of the cutest pups ever made. (Check out those eyebrows! Are they for real?!) She's eight weeks old, and 3/4 Golden, 1/4 Lab.

In this "episode," she has been at her new home for only two days. It's hard to watch her -- and to listen to her -- get used to sleeping in a crate without the snuggles of her brothers and sisters, but we know she's in good hands. And what a champ she already is at the grocery store! (But what is that brown thing on the grocery floor at about 1:30 on the video?)

It will be fun to watch as the weeks unfold. I plan to bring the story of Ricki to Dogster each week so we can watch her grow and progress together. We'll have to have a Dogster hanky party when she's ready to go to her "real" home in a few months...


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