From Fighter To Lover

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This a great story about what a lot of love and patience can do to turn around a dog that was used in dogfighting. Hector was one of Michael Vick's dogs, he has recently been adopted and is now a certified therapy dog.

Hector, owned by Andrew Yori of Rochester, was recently certified as a therapy dog by TDI. He is a 4-year-old pit bull who spent the first part of his life as part of Michael Vick's dog-fighting operation in Virginia. Rescued in 2007, Hector moved to Rochester in June of last year.

Hector still bears scars from his fights, but he has settled happily into his new peaceful life.

"He's a big goofy dog," Yori said.

Pit bulls are a very resilient breed.

"Not a lot of dogs could go through what he did and still come out OK," Yori said.

Hector's attitude seems to be, "It's behind me, let's go forward and have a good time."

Yori and Hector are just waiting for the completion of some paperwork, then they will start visiting nursing homes. This is a dog that most deemed unadoptable, or not worth saving, but because he was given a chance, he'll now give back to society by sharing his love with others in need.

Check out BadRap Blog and see some adorable pictures, and I mean adorable, of Hector with Oakland shelter volunteer and NFL player Jarrod Cooper. In the photo shoot Cooper is holding Hector who basically turns into a big marshmallow.

Kudos to Cooper for volunteering at the Oakland shelter, and for showing what a dog loving NFL player looks like.

*Pic of Yori and Hector courtesy


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