Egyptian Officials Will Kill Strays Instead of Spaying Them, Brigitte Bardot Calls for Boycott of Egyptian Products

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So help me with this: Egypt has tons of oil money yet it's just too expensive to sterilize stray dogs? Sounds to me like this is a convenient way of disposing of a problem with an "unclean" animal. Could it be that the Egyptian officials are the real "unclean" animals here?

Big barks to Ms. Bardot for speaking out!

Thanks to The Australian for this article.

Egypt to resume shooting of stray dogs
From correspondents in Cairo | October 01, 2007

EGYPT is to resume shooting and poisoning stray dogs in Cairo's twin city of Giza because veterinary services say it is too expensive to sterilise them.

The move, announced by Giza's chief vet Abdullah Badr in the official Al-Ahram newspaper, comes after French film star turned animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot in May begged President Hosni Mubarak to stop the "cruel" killings.

Mr Badr said that sterilising the dogs would cost 50 million Egyptian pounds ($10.49 million) a year while shooting them required only 400,000 pounds ($80,678).

He also said that the state spends 30 million pounds a year on medical treatment for people bitten by stray dogs.

According to Mr Badr, non-governmental organisations that promised to sterilise the animals had not done so.

Bardot said in response to "the sad and horrific news" and threatened a boycott of all things Egyptian unless more "humane" controls were put into place.


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