Dogsters Trixiemae and Puppie the Wingmaker bark in to Thank Dogsters Around the World for Power of the Paw

 |  May 9th 2008  |   4 Contributions

Dogsters are wonderful! I am constantly amazed at how much they care about and help each other. This is one of those many times when I am honored to be a Dogster.

Audrey, furmom to TrixieMae and Puppie Wingmaker, barked in this lovely experience with Dogsters. She wanted to make sure that everyone who participated in the Power of the Paw know how much they helped and how much it meant to her whole family.

My furless sister had a baby this past sat past,and well there was complications and we almost lost her and baby steven. All of dogster surrounded around us and loved us and held us thru paw mails and in all the threads a group rbab group grins and giggles group, poodleville unerversity group and So many others. For days we lit candles and prayed hundreds from all points of the world. You made that possible.

I am proud to say Jennifer is going home soon with her 4 day old son Steven and it will be the most wonderful mother day a grandma or grandpa could ever have. Please will you do me a favor? I want to collect all the threads that were posted for Jennifer and baby Steven. Also I used Jen and baby Steven in the threads. This would mean the world to me to show her how much she was loved and prayed for from around the globe.

POWER OF THE PAW !!. Also is there anyway you can thank ALL THESE AND MORE groups for their love and prayers? Please... i know your busy but lets show them how powerful their love is and it is the love that is ingrained in Dogster. It is what made dogster what it iswhat it was created for. Dogster put paws together around a lil girl they never met and a brand new life that both almost did not make it.

Thankyou Dogster. We luff you so much.

Trixiemae and Puppie the wingmaker and momma audrey

May God bless you and thank you for creating your site. It is my life and our world.


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