Dogsters Prissy and Hailey Have Been Taken from Their Home and Given Away, Help Get Them Home!!!

 |  Nov 2nd 2007  |   12 Contributions


Dogsters, just like the dogs we love, care about each other. Tammy barked in to get help for her friend Tammy and her canine Dogsters Prissy and Hailey.

The man in the photo with Hailey is the man who claims to have given Hailey and her sister Prissy away.

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I'm writing on behalf of my friend Tammy who has found herself in a serious situation. Due to circumstances beyond her control she is serving a short sentence in the Clark County Jail in Neillsville, Wisconsin. During this time her husband has left her and GIVEN AWAY her two dogs!!

A group of her Dogster friends (Dogster group Min Pin Manchester Mania - aka MPMM) are rallying together and doing everything we can think of to find them!!

Prissy - 2 year old Min Pin (black and tan)
Hailey - 3 year old Boxer (brindle tan)


Both Female.

All we know is that her hubby is a truck driver and informed her that he gave them away out of state!! We are waiting for another letter from her to get contact info for him or for his daughter (who is close to Tammy) to try to get more info.


Two of the MPMM members are planning on taking care of the dogs, but the hubby didn't bother to wait for us to organize it!

We think they could be in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota or Iowa (if he took them out of state).

Thanks Joy.


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