Dog Food Left in Front of Basketball Player Ron Artest's House

 |  Feb 10th 2007  |   6 Contributions

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Looks like northern California dog lovers are not leaving it up to Artest to feed his dogs. Since he seems to have had problems with that, dog lovers have been leaving sacks of dog food in front of his house. How embarressing for him! He makes how many hundreds of thousands of dollars and he can't seem to keep his dogs fed? Shame on you!

Ron, maybe its time you got some stuffed dogs that don't take as much trouble. You could get some nice concrete dogs and set them in the yard if you REALLY NEED a big dog to make you feel manly. Obviously, you're just too busy for real dogs!

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Dog Food Left In Front Of Artest's House
Kings Forward Accused Of Animal Abuse

LOOMIS, Calif. -- More than a dozen bags of dog food have been dropped off in front of Ron Artest's Loomis home following allegations of animal cruelty against the Kings forward.

Earlier this week, Placer County Animal Control officers took Artest's Great Dane, claiming the dog was not being fed.

Artest said he hired someone to care for his dogs while he was away and said he is looking forward to getting his dog back.

Follow this link to watch the video.


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