Do Pets Dream?

 |  Oct 16th 2008  |   0 Contributions

Earlier today I enjoyed some mellow time with my pal Buster. He was asleep, and he started to twitch a bit. He made some happy noises and moved his legs as if he were running in slow motion. It looked like he was dreaming.

And that raised a question: do pets dream? I think they do. But I can't prove it.

There is quite a bit of evidence suggesting that dogs and cats dream. Their sleep cycles are similar to ours. They experience brain activity during sleep that resembles the activity in our brains during dreams.

But at this point it is not possible to prove definitively that pets dream. And it certainly isn't possible to find out what they dream about. However, in Buster's case I have a hunch. Good dreams involve fetch or food. Nightmares feature nail trims and baths.


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