Can Hormone Therapy Prevent Mating in Dogs?

 |  Oct 25th 2008  |   0 Contributions

My female yellow Lab (about 17 months) is in heat
right now (second time). My male yellow Lab
(about seven years) is going nuts and not eating. Is
there any kind of hormone medication or something
to give him?

Bozeman MT

I confess that I am hesitant to delve into this matter. It will lead to a discussion on spaying and neutering. The topic of surgical sterilization remains perpetually controversial.

However, Jessica, you have asked a good question. It would be very convenient if there were some sort of hormone, medicine or treatment that could prevent dogs and cats from mating with or responding to the opposite sex.

But there isn't. Male dogs respond strongly to in-heat female dogs. At the current time there is only one way to prevent this response: surgical sterilization (spaying and neutering).

Intact dogs and cats are incredibly good at organizing trysts when they are in the mood. These encounters almost always lead to pregnancy. If your dog becomes pregnant, it will be your responsibility to find homes for the puppies.

In your situation, surgical sterilization is the only way to prevent an agitated male and a potentially pregnant female.


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