California Federation of Dog Clubs and AKC Join Together to Help Pets Burned Out by California Fire Storms

 |  Oct 24th 2007  |   3 Contributions


We've all seen the broadcasts of the terrible fires in California. Now there's something we can do to help our fellow pet parents and pets who have had to flee their homes.

Thanks to Virginia, Annie's furmom, for barking in this announcement.

AKC and CFODC sending help to fire victims

Please feel free to cross-post!!

In the face of advancing flames, and under urgent evacuation orders, people reach instinctively for their beloved pets, but in the rush to leave, often forget to take the food and other provisions necessary for their care.

In order to help fill this need, Dennis Sprung, President of the American Kennel Club, has coordinated with Susan Sholar, President of the California Federation of Dog Clubs, to send an immediate donation of food, collars and leashes, and crates to help those dog owners affected by the devastating fires in southern California.

CFODC members, and anyone else needing assistance in providing for their pets' security and well-being as a result of these fires, should call the California School of Dog Grooming at 1-800-949-3746, and ask for Susan.

The school, located in San Diego, is the designated site for distribution of the donated supplies, as well as a growing list of volunteers with offers to foster care, or with available kennels, dog runs, RV parking spaces, spare bedrooms, sofa beds, and the like.

The AKC and CFODC, in order to maximize their opportunity to help, ask that you cross post this message wherever possible.

Thank you.

Board of Directors
California Federation of Dog Clubs


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