OK, We'll Bite: Check Out Purina's Attempt at Turning a Dog Park Into a Cat Park

Oh the humanity: Purina Cat Chow is helping cats take over dog parks! Whatever will they think of next?

 |  Mar 30th 2012  |   8 Contributions

Now this is our kind of marketing campaign, even if we are dog people. Earlier in the week, Purina Cat Chow took a stand for cat lovers everywhere by taking over a dog park. They didn't exactly turn it into a cat park, and there are dogs running amock inside it, so we're not sure if this is much of a coup for cats -- but they did outfit it with clever catty installations, including an enormous scratching post.

Here's what the dogs made of it:

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Yes, that is a giant wind-up mouse. The Pugs don't know what to make of it either.

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A couch! At the dog park! How novel, the dogs think.

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Now this, this is a scratching post. We're guessing it got peed on quite a bit.

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Cats are not technically supposed to play with yarn, but it is pretty iconic, so...

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This dog has never been so happy to be a cat at a dog-cat park.

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End scene.

Credits: All Images Via the Purina Cat Chow Facebook page.


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