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When Is a Banana Slug Cute? When It's Kitai the Dog

The costume for this adorable little Halloween hero included a plastic "slime trail."

 |  Nov 6th 2012  |   1 Contribution

Dogster member Kitai is one lucky pup! The Lhasa Apso and Miniature Schnauzer mix was rescued by his human, Stacie, who also runs a site called The Flirty Blog. Kitai was abandoned by his first owner, but maybe for the better, because now Stacie absolutely dotes on the adorable dog, who lists "hopping on his hind legs like a kangaroo" as one of his best tricks.

His other best trick includes transforming into clever costume designs with the help of Stacie's creative ingenuity. Once he went dressed as an Otter Pop pup -- complete with otter and popsicle!

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What an amazing costume!

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Complete with an otter!

Halloween is over, but the cute dog costumes this year continue to roll in. Kitai dressed as a banana slug, complete with slime trail (don't worry, the dog wasn't really excreting mucus ... it was just some plastic Stacie put down to create an effect).

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So cute!

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Complete with slime trail ... which is the first time we've ever found slime "cute."

You can see more of Kitai's costumes at his blog here, where Kitai also advocates on behalf of other shelter dogs looking for furever homes. He hopes they will be as lucky as he was and find a home with a loving human like Stacie.

Thanks for sharing your cuteness with us, Kitai!


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