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Graffiti Artist Banksy Gets Doggy

Four and Sons collects dog-themed pieces from the wildly popular anonymous street artist.

 |  Jan 4th 2013  |   1 Contribution

British graffiti artist Banksy made a name for himself pointedly critiquing popular culture by graphically blending iconic imagery with subversive elements and adding his own touch to found materials. Banksy's popularity rose with gallery exhibits, celebrity attention, and the ire of his subjects, even though the artist operate anonymously.

We know people have differing opinions on the legitimacy of graffiti as art, but we have to hand it to Banksy for creating enough of a stir to generate his own documentary. And when Banksy features dogs in his work, we definitely do a double take.

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Um, excuse us, officer, your Poodle's got a red nose.

Dog-centric design aggregators Four & Sons recently pointed out a handful of Banksy's pieces featuring dogs. Every Friday, the magazine showcases a "Friday four," and a couple of weeks ago, they picked out a quartet of Banksy's bow-wow pieces.

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Combining two different styles of art.

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A comment on consumerism?

We're especially amused by the leg-lifting Bulldog. A random streak of yellow paint becomes a creative opportunity when Banksy adds the dog doing business. In a way, dogs peeing on things is sort of the equivalent of animal tagging. We can't see it, but other dogs can smell the "graffiti" that says, "I hereby declare this corner of the wall in the name of Spot the dog!"

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But that's never stopped another dog from lifting his leg to pee over it.

Image via the Four & Sons Facebook page 


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