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It's Time for Dogs in Duds, So Clear Your Schedule

A Tumblr of canines in clothing? Yeah, we'll be here a while.

 |  Dec 7th 2012  |   0 Contributions

We're not saying all dogs are like this, but we are saying we know a few pooches who love more than just 15 minutes in the spotlight. These dogs seize upon any opportunity for attention and treats -- "Want to see me shake? Look! Look at me shake!" "Want to see me roll over? Look! Look at me roll over!"

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Stop in the name of cuteness!

If your dog detests clothing, shaking and pawing it off vehemently, then you should probably nix those daydreams of Sparky posed handsomely in a bow tie and vest. However, if your hound simply pads around in clothes like it's no big deal, then you've probably got a fashionista on your paws, and just like we scope out fashion blogs for style inspiration, the Tumblr Dogs in Duds can be your source for clothing ideas.

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A very merry un-birthday to you!

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How very dainty!

Maintained by dynamic duo Jamie Dalgetty and Vittoria Fonte, Dogs in Duds accepts submissions from dog guardians and occasionally runs contests. Got a few minutes -- or hours -- to kill? (Or a pile of work to procrastinate on?) Dogs in Duds offers you pages and pages and galleries and galleries of dogs dressed in their very best.

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This outfit is a hole in one.

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Sharing clothes, we see.

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What a dashing Dachshund!

Dogs are always cute, it's true. But sometimes a little hat or T-shirt can take the feeling from "what a cutie" to "SQUEE!"

Photos via Dogs in Duds


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