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Cross Tuner: A Free App That Lets You Into Your Dog's Secret Thoughts

Want to know what your dog is thinking? There's an app for that. It also works on zombies, so, grain of salt and all ...

 |  Jun 7th 2012  |   3 Contributions

While professors, experts, scientists, and two carefully trained dogs over at Emory University are busy using brain scans to figure out what dogs are really thinking, a cell phone app already has it figured out!

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How to use Cross Tuner -- it's quite easy!

Back in the 1920s, Professor Calvin Bartholomew Erkeley developed blueprints for a device that could reveal the thoughts of animals based on the theory that humans and animals are still connected by unifying primal thoughts. He called this device the Cross Tuner. Unfortunately, technology at the time was not advanced enough to realize Erkeley's vision, and so the Cross Tuner went by the wayside.

That is, until Erkeley's great grandson, Lawrence, discovered the plans for the Cross Tuner buried away in an attic. Struck by the same sense of inquisitiveness as his great grandfather, Lawrence used today's technology to bring Erkeley's device to life ... and now the Cross Tuner is available to anyone with an iPhone (free)! Imagine that!

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Look into the mind of a dog!

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Cats too!

The device may be a little too successful, though! There are early reports of the Cross Tuner revealing thoughts subjects didn't even know they were thinking. The creators of the Cross Tuner caution users against employing the device on your canine companion right after a visit to the vet -- you may discover that Fido's vocabulary is much more colorful than you ever suspected.

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Share your findings!

Here's a clip of Cross Tuner in action:

You've been warned!

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