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And Now, A Video for All the Big Dog Lovers in the House

Who here is a big dog lover? This video from BuzzFeed dissects exactly why we love big dogs so much.

 |  Jul 3rd 2013  |   6 Contributions

If you're like me, your heart belongs to the big, big dogs. I don't personally have anything against little dogs, it's just that I grew up with Akitas. Of course you can hug little dogs, but it doesn't have the same robust fullness as being able to barely wrap your arms around the burly neck of an Akita.

To each her own, of course, but big dogs already get a fair amount of flack, so let's hear it for the big dogs and the people who love them!

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It takes a lot of energy to be a big dog, so you got to spend a lot of time relaxing, to, you know, save that energy ... for when you do move. Sometimes.

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When you feel that impulse to slow dance to the song from Titanic and there's no one around ...

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And they won't tell a single soul that you did it.

Counter surfing? More like counter licking.

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If only they knew how to cook as well. (We bet that's on its way.)

The heat of one big dog equals the attraction of exactly two cats.

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So even cats are adovocates of big dogs.

And if there was ever a kind of dog to remind you that size doesn't matter, it's a big dog who doesn't know he isn't a lap dog.

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If you like small dogs, that's perfectly fine, and we support that. But we gotta admit -- we love bug mutts and we cannot lie.

Do you love big dogs? Let us know why you do in the comments!

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