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A Bulldog asleep with his tongue out.
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Survey Reveals Dog Sleeping Habits

A recent survey of 10,000 pet parents provides some interesting data on where exactly dogs like to sleep — and what percent of dogs snore.

Jackie Brown  |  May 29th 2018

Pet health insurance provider Embrace recently asked more than 10,000 pet owners where their pooches prefer to slumber. Not too surprisingly, the majority (53 percent) sleep in bed with their owners. Of those, 25 percent sleep under the covers, and a whopping 39 percent sleep with their head on the pillow.

Not all pups snooze on their humans’ bed, though. Some (20 percent) sleep in their own bed, some (12 percent) sleep in a crate, some sleep on the couch (6 percent), and a few even sleep underneath the bed (2 percent). According to the survey, 48 percent of dogs snore. Who knew?

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