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What Breed of Dog Is Jake the Dog? Cartoon Dogs Presented

Written by: Chelsie Fraser

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

Jake the Dog in Adventure Time

What Breed of Dog Is Jake the Dog? Cartoon Dogs Presented

“Adventure Time” was a popular cartoon on Cartoon Network that featured Jake the Dog as one of the main characters. If you have fond memories of Jake, you may wonder what breed of dog he is. Jake the Dog is believed to be modeled after an English Bulldog. However, some diehard fans believe that he is a Pug.

The creator of the show, Pendleton Ward, has never said which breed Jake is, so fans can only guess based on his appearance. Since English Bulldogs and Pugs have similar physical features, we can’t say for certain which one Jake is.

Let’s look at a brief history of the two breeds and compare Jake’s features to each. Then, you can decide for yourself which breed Jake more closely resembles!


The English Bulldog

Today’s English Bulldog descends from the Old English Bulldog that was originally bred in 12th-century England. These dogs were bred to take down bulls and bears inside the arena for sport. Dogfighting and bullbaiting were eventually banned in the 1800s, so Bulldogs were bred with less aggressive dogs in an effort to maintain their looks but reduce their fighting instincts.

The result of this crossbreeding is the breed that we know today as the English Bulldog.

Jake’s Similarities to the English Bulldog

Since Jake is a cartoon character, there are many aspects in which he doesn’t resemble a real dog. Jake is an orangish yellow, and he shapeshifts—no English Bulldogs do this! However, there are five aspects of Jake’s appearance that lend credence to the theory that he is an English Bulldog:

  • His Body Frame — Jake has a wide girth but is short from head to tail. This is similar to the body shape of an English Bulldog.
  • The Width of his Head — Jake’s head is about as wide as the widest part of his body (whenever he’s not shapeshifting). English Bulldogs have wide heads and a brachycephalic muzzle, meaning their nose is flat. Jake’s muzzle is virtually nonexistent, which may be an exaggerated cartoon version of an English Bulldog’s face.
  • Tiny, Folded Ears — Jake’s ears don’t protrude out of his head, but rather form the shape of a lowercase “u.” This replicates the small folded ears of the English Bulldog.
  • Nose Folds — Jake’s nose folds over on each side, similar to the jowls on each side of an English Bulldog’s mouth.
English bulldog
Image Credit: AndreiTobosaru, Shutterstock

The Pug

Pugs are an ancient dog breed whose origins date back to 400 B.C. They were bred in China as companion animals for wealthy individuals and royalty. Over the years, these lovable dogs have kept company with Tibetan Buddhist monks and Chinese Emperors. Catherine the Great of Russia owned a Pug, as did Queen Victoria of England and Prince William of Holland.

Today, the Pug remains a popular companion breed that is regularly on the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog breed list.

Jake’s Similarities to the Pug

There are a few people who believe that Jake is a cartoon Pug rather than an English Bulldog. Since there are numerous physical characteristics that overlap between the two breeds, it’s difficult to say which one Jake really is. The biggest difference between an English Bulldog and a Pug is the size; English Bulldogs are significantly larger.

The characteristics that suggest Jake may be a Pug are exactly the same characteristics that indicate he could be an English Bulldog.

  1. Body Shape — Jake’s wide, round body is similar to the body shape of a Pug.
  2. His Flat Nose — Pugs are brachycephalic dogs with flat muzzles.
  3. Wrinkles — Jake has loose skin that forms “wrinkles” on each side of his nose. Pugs are known for their wrinkly faces.
pug up close
Image Credit: Toberoon, Pixabay


Final Thoughts

Jake the Dog has several physical characteristics that indicate he could be an English Bulldog or a Pug. Since these two breeds share many of these traits, it’s difficult to determine which one he might be. Since Jake is a cartoon character, he has several distinct traits and abilities that no dog on Earth possesses. That’s the beauty of cartoons!

Featured Image Credit: Privetikiqq, Shutterstock

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