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The bond of love we have with our dogs is one of the strongest on earth. Across most cultures, dogs are a symbol of loyalty and devotion. There are many stories of dogs giving up their lives to protect those they love, sometimes people, sometimes other animals. A quick look at the Internet will reveal service and rescue dogs with hearts bigger than those of many people.

Such devotion and love, of course, goes both ways. True dog people approach getting a puppy as a serious emotional and spiritual commitment, and this is reflected in many cultures, from ancient Egypt to present day Aboriginal Australia and tribal Mongolia.


I am a cross-cultural historian, and my wife, Sophia, is a psychic who learned the arts of clairvoyance from her grandparents. She is also a spiritual teacher and dog intuitive communicator. We are both authors living in Seattle as well as huge canine fans, but we try to go deeper into the “hidden” world of dogs. We recently published The Book of Dog Magic: Spells, Charms and Tales, and in it we reveal the folklore and real magic surrounding our sacred dog friends, as ancient cultures saw them and as people of spirit still do. In a similar manner as this story, our book alternates between traditional folklore and real spells or short rituals to be performed today. Let’s start at the beginning, with the magic surrounding the festive coming of a new puppy!

A great example of the love bond magic between new puppies and people can be found in Mongolia, and it is repeated in many parts of the world. In Mongolia, dogs are sacred and treated as kin. They are never to be hit or treated poorly, and they are consider “loved people” and thus part of the family and treated as such. When taking a puppy from a mother dog, the mother dog must be honored and fed by those adopting the puppy, a khadag or light blue ceremonial scarf covered with auspicious symbols is given to the family of the mother dog with due ceremony, and another khadag is often wrapped about the puppy.

This loving ritual embrace of the dog as a family member is also found in ancient Egypt, where, like in Mongolia, tomb paintings show that dogs were treated as a family member and are blessed as such. Dogs are also venerated as family in Australia, in Native American Tribes, amongst Central American Mayans, and in many other cultures. Many pets are honored and treated well, but it seems that only dogs are literally “family” in many myths and cultures. That is true puppy love!

Here is a spell from Sophia. We performed this spell on a new moon just after we had gotten Wolf, our Standard Poodle. Our last dog, Thor, had died about a year before, and we were coming out of our mourning period after losing a member of our tribe who had been at our hearth for 17 years. This spell not only helped us make the transition, but clearly united us in a spiritual and emotional way that only such sacred ceremonies can do.

Wolf in his khadag. (Photo courtesy The Book of Magic Facebook page)
Wolf in his khadag. (Photo courtesy The Book of Dog Magic Facebook page)

In our casting of this spell, we used a blue Mongolian khadag scarf as described above to welcome our new puppy into our clan. This scarf had been given to us by a good friend upon her return from Mongolia, and it will forever remind us that we and Wolf have an eternal bond of love and spirit.

Spell for imprinting with a new puppy

When a new puppy enters your life, he is a bit traumatized. Where did mommy go? What is this new bright world? What are all these new scents? Waaaaa! He is just a baby after all. Make the adopting official and deep with this magical exercise. This first imprinting with your new partner is the most crucial.

You will need:

  • A small soft blue cloth or blanket made of natural fabric, soft cotton or wool. Or a silk Mongolian Khadag if you have one!
  • Some rose water

Important: Sleep with this cloth or blanket close to your skin at least one night before you get the puppy. Before you go to sleep, hold the blanket close and burn calming incense (jasmine is perfect) while thinking happy puppy thoughts.

At twilight or early evening, go outside with the blanket and stand quietly thinking peaceful thoughts. Breathe deeply. Completely relax. Place the blanket about you. Feel your joy at getting a new puppy. Surround yourself with calming blue light.


The lair is safe
The night brings peace
All stress and sorrow
Now release

Continue chanting OM softly as you sprinkle a little rose water over the blanket and the area. See the light of calm spirit cover all.

Later, after the puppy feeds from your hands and is sleepy, sit in a dimly lit place. Face North. Put the blanket on your lap and the new puppy on it.

Stroke the puppy slowly, softly, from nose to tail.


From sorrow be clear
Know I am here
To love and protect you
And banish all fear
(Whisper the dog’s new name)

Repeat this as many times as you like. See loving, calming blue energy enter and calm your puppy.

As you hold your new puppy hum softly these words.

You are mine now
You are mine now
You are mine now
Here is peace


Hold and love the little baby as long as you like. When you put him in his puppy bed, chant the same while your puppy sleeps on this blanket. This will be its special “calming” blanket for life.

We believe that it is important, even in this modern world, to mark such special events with some kind of ritual act, feel free to use this spell with your next puppy! You will find much more of the same in The Book of Dog Magic, which honors the truth that many cultures have shown us, that the magical bond of love between our dog kin and us is both real and sacred.

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