Veterinarian Develops No Can Do Behavioral Training Kit to Decrease Numbers of Dogs Being Euthanized

Has anyone tried this system yet? Bark in! Thanks to PR Web for this announcement. New Pet Product Could Save Thousands of Dogs from Euthanasia...



Has anyone tried this system yet? Bark in!

Thanks to PR Web for this announcement.

New Pet Product Could Save Thousands of Dogs from Euthanasia

Problem: Over 96% of Dogs Given Up to Shelters Had Received No Obedience Training. Solution: New Training Tool Could Save Many Dogs from this Fate By Offering Dog Owners a Fast, Permanent Solution to Stopping Bad Behavior.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2008 — After reading the staggering statistics that the majority of dogs given up to shelters, (and often euthanized), had received no obedience training, an avid dog lover decided to do something to change those statistics. Suzanne Edwards, a San Diego business owner developed the first stand-alone, quick and easy training solution to stopping bad behavior in dogs.

“It came to me when we successfully used this technique (which we had learned from dog trainers and breeders over the years), to stop our 1 year old Alaskan Malamute from attacking our older and weaker dog to obtain alpha status. ** This technique was so effective our young Alaskan Malamute was cured of his aggression almost immediately!”

** (Dogs are pack animals and have a very specific hierarchy. In each pack there is a clearly defined order as to who is first or alpha, 2nd, 3rd, etc. As with Wolves, younger, stronger dogs will challenge older dogs for alpha status).

Suzanne learned about the epidemic of dogs being abandoned and given up to shelters from recent statistics from the National Council on Pet Population. It states that over 96% of dogs given up to shelters had received no obedience training. Because most dogs do not receive any training, sadly millions of potentially great dogs are euthanized each and every year, simply because no one took the time to train them. Also, in an article in the January 2008 issue of Pet Product News, it states that, “Just the act of barking is considered such a annoyance to many dog owners that it is the reason many dogs are euthanized every year”.

Suzanne realized if barking is enough to make a dog owner want to have their pet euthanized, image the fate of dogs that demonstrate other bad behaviors, such as digging, chewing, jumping on people and jumping on furniture…. not to mention biting and aggressive behavior?

“I developed the No can Do Behavioral Training Kit for exactly this reason”, Said Suzanne. “Even if a dog has not been formally trained to sit, stay, heel, etc., we have found that most owners will keep a dog if they can find a solution to stopping the dog’s most annoying or destructive behavior”.

“As a Veterinarian, having to euthanize a dog just because the owner can’t control it’s bad behavior is very disturbing. And because the majority of dog owners don’t take the responsibility, time and money, to train their dogs, I have seen far too many perfectly good, healthy dogs put down because the owner was convinced the dog was beyond help. This is a big topic at Veterinary medical conferences and one of the biggest concerns among Veterinarians. This simple, but effective training tool is something I can offer my clients that could save many dogs from being given up or worse!” ~ Dr. Brian Golden, DVM

“This technique is based upon using negative reinforcement to stop the bad behavior but at the same time it is humane and very safe when used properly.” says Suzanne. “It can stop behaviors such as: barking, biting, digging, chewing, door charging, aggression, jumping on people, jumping on furniture, etc”.

Suzanne goes on to say that although the kit is very effective in stopping bad behavior, it was not developed to take the place of formal obedience training. “In a perfect world, everyone would enroll their dogs in a training course,” says Suzanne, “But the reality is that most do not and I don’t see that it’s going to change any time soon”.

“This is not just a training tool, it is a mission. A mission to save as many of our canine companions as possible from the terrible fate of being abandoned or given up to shelters, or worse.. because of bad behavior dog owners don’t know how to control. Unlike wolves, which are wild and survive on their own, dogs rely on us for everything and they can not live without us, so we must take responsibility for them”.

The kit is affordable and includes a comprehensive training booklet and bonus training DVD, and three deterrent containers used for the training. Suzanne also includes educational segments in the training DVD about dogs and their history; how they became man’s best friend, why dogs behave the way they do and why physical punishment doesn’t work.

How does the No can Do Behavioral Training work?

Answer: A deterrent container, that produces a loud, high pitched, rattling sound is used in disciplining the dog while he is in the act of misbehaving. It works because dogs are very sensitive to and are easily startled by loud high-pitched noises (like lightening), so if something startles or interrupts the dog while he is in the act of misbehaving, he will equate that misbehavior with a very unpleasant experience, and will attempt to avoid it in the future.

Q: Will this work on a dog even if it has had no training?

Answer: Yes, most of the time. There may be instances when this technique won’t work, but if so, it is probably because the dog is a an extreme case and may need more structured, formal training. Suzanne recommends that you seek the advice of a professional dog behavioral specialist before giving up on any pet. They deserve every chance you can give them.

For more information about the No Can Do Behavioral Training Kit, please visit our website.

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