Update on Tennessee Dog-dragging Case

Thanks to Sandy, Cinnamon and Kenyon's furmom, for barking in to update us all on the case against the person who cruelly dragged little Bobo...



Thanks to Sandy, Cinnamon and Kenyon‘s furmom, for barking in to update us all on the case against the person who cruelly dragged little Bobo after her car. The case is in court and VERY soon Bobo’s fate will be decided. Will he be sent back to the person who treated him so viciously or allowed to remain with the people who have loved and cared for him since his abuse? The Tennessee judge will decide. You can read the original post by following this link.

And Sandy, thank you for all of us who would like to be there with you in the courthouse but can’t, THANK YOU and our thoughts are with you! I for one appreciate you standing up for Bobo/Trooper and standing in for all of us!

Sandi Harper wrote:
Well Joy, I wanted to update you on Bobo’s court case. It’s coming up and it could really go either way. Here’s a copy of the letter I have circulated to local media and friends as well. I hope you can find some way to include it in your blog. If not, I still think Dogster and you are the greatest. Feel free to edit anything I send to you. Thanks much, Sandi Harper

Hi animal friends-
Well, the date is quickly approaching when little Bobo’s fate will be
decided.We are all nervous and anxious. This judge’s decision could go either way. I pray that the right decision for the dog will prevail, and he will be allowed to be adopted in to a loving home. The ACO is a wonderful man, but he can only do what the law will allow him to do. The court date is set for 2:40 PM on February 20, 2007 at the Campbell County courthouse located in Jacksboro, TN.

Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee has been caring for the little guy since Christmas, and they are VERY nervous. Bobo, or Trooper as they now call him, will be at a veterinary clinic near the courthouse during the proceedings. If the rescue group is able to retain custody of the dog, she will immediately call that vet to give them the OK to neuter him. If the dog is returned to Susan Baird, then the foster mom will not have to return to her home to
relinquish Trooper/Bobo. That will be somewhat easier on her if that is the way this thing plays out. Obviously, it will be devastating if she has to give up the little guy she has nursed back to health for 2 months.

I have sent a letter to the District Attorney in Campbell County after several failed attempts to reach that person by phone. It was a very polite letter, but it was a plea for Susan Baird to be denied custody of the dog she dragged behind her SUV. I asked the DA to check Bobo’s continuing online petition which at that time had around 5,400 signatures. I very politely asked for Ms. Baird to receive the maximum fine and punishment allowed by law, and I also asked that she not be allowed the privilege of having Bobo returned to her custody. I pointed out that a severely traumatized animal needs special care with lots of love, patience and tolerance, and that witnessed by her own actions, Susan Baird is unable to provide such an environment. The letter also addressed the fact that the children at the middle school who witnessed the dragging followed by Ms. Baird’s cold and cruel actions deserve an apology from Susan Baird herself.

Honestly, I really don’t care what they do with her or to her. The real crime would be returning the dog to Baird.

For any of you who would also like to write a letter to the Campbell County District Attorney the address is: P.O. Box 323, Jacksboro, TN 37757. The phone number for that office is 423-562-4991. I do not know the name of the prosecuting attorney. Should you decide to contact the District Attorney’s office to express your opinion about this case, I would ask that you be polite and brief. I do not know if the presiding judge will be the same judge as last time, and that was Judge Ayers. If so, I understand that Judge Ayers is an
animal lover himself.

I am meeting several local supporters to travel together to the courthouse in Jacksboro. I will be taking a copy of the VERY LARGE petition with me. I’m also requesting the prayers of my fellow Dogsters.

After a short rest following this court appearance, I’ll be going full throttle for changing the flimsy animal cruelty laws in our nation. I’ll keep you posted.

Sandi, Kenyon and Cinnamon‘s mom

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