Boneheads of the Week: The Students Who Dropped a Husky from a Second-Floor Window

Why did the students drop a Husky out of a window? A) They're boneheads, B) they're knuckleheads, or C) all of the above.


Today’s Bonehead of the Week comes to you from the hallowed halls of Keene State College in New Hampshire. It seems there was some kind of “disturbance” at a dorm there in the wee hours. (Maria tells me that “disturbance” probably means “major keg party.”)

Cops were called, and they “determined that a student brought a dog into the dorm without the knowledge of a security officer working there at the time,” reports the Keene Sentinel. Oh, the crime that goes on in that neck of the woods!

Of course, the resident assistant had to check out the second-floor dorm room in question. When he got there, he found no dog, but an open window. He looked out the window and saw a student holding a Siberian Husky. The student claimed to be its owner, and said the dog had been dropped out of the window.

Fortunately, the dog was not hurt. The students accused of giving the dog the heave-ho aren’t being charged with anything, but the college is taking some disciplinary action it won’t divulge.

I wonder: Did this other student catch the husky? And who goes around dropping huskies — or any dog, for that matter — out of windows? This bonehead incident gives a literal meaning to half of the phrase “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Let’s hope that’s the last such storm of its kind.

Siberian husky photo via Shutterstock

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