Small Dog, Big Hero

I want to thank Rhon for barking this dog hero story to me. Once again, this story shows size is no barrier with a little...

I want to thank Rhon for barking this dog hero story to me. Once again, this story shows size is no barrier with a little bit of determination.

Amy Suarez has two Chihuahuas, 9-year-old Dixie and 7-year-old Sparky.They’ve been buddies for years, and although every once in a while they may snap at each other they have a very special bond.

Last week Dixie showed Sparky he never needs to worry, she’s always got his back. At Amy Suarez’s Naperville, IL home a red-tailed hawk attacked Sparky and Dixie jumped into action.

Suarez said she watched as Dixie sprang into action, using her front paws to pummel a red-tailed hawk as it tried to fly away with Sparky in its talons.

“She reared up like a horse and attacked like a horse,” Suarez said of Dixie. “That’s the image I’ll always have in my mind.”

Suarez said much of what happened next is a blur to her now. The vanquished hawk flew several feet away and landed on a lower branch of a tree in a neighbor’s yard. Suarez said she scooped up Dixie, while Sparky scrambled indoors and headed for the security of a crate in the basement where he sometimes naps.

While Dixie got away unscathed, little Sparky was not so lucky. He had numerous puncture wounds and gashes. Suarez scooped him up in a blanket and rushed him to the vet, where he was treated and patched up.

Luckily Sparky is doing well and Amy Suarez has learned a very valuable lesson, to never leave her small pups unattended.

Suarez is furious with herself because she has kept abreast of recent news reports of dogs and cats being snatched and carried away by coyotes. She said it should have occurred to her small pets are vulnerable to birds of prey as well.

“I never felt anger at the hawk,” Suarez said, her voice breaking. “But you don’t turn your back on your animals. You don’t even walk away to answer the phone.”

Way to go Dixie, you are a true doggy hero.

* Pic of Sparky courtesy Corey R. Minkanic/For The Sun

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