Rescued Two-legged Dog Needs Home

Looks like Dogster Faith may have to start a Dogster Group for two-legged dogs. A two-legged puppy in Ohio is looking for a home and...
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Two-legged dog

Help This Puppy Find A Home

Looks like Dogster Faith may have to start a Dogster Group for two-legged dogs. A two-legged puppy in Ohio is looking for a home and help. This just in from

By Jim Konkoly
News Journal
MANSFIELD — He’s friendly. And cute. And energetic.

Despite long odds against him, he seems determined not only to survive but to have a rich, full canine life.

He doesn’t have a name yet, but this two-legged dog will, as soon as he is adopted from the Richland County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center.

On July 3, a woman came to the shelter and gave Dog Warden Dave Jordan the little dog she had found on Trimble Road. It was wrapped in a towel.

Jordan knew he had to get the dog immediate veterinary care because it had a severe flea infestation and a horrible case of mange, which had destroyed much of its hair.

But Jordan was astounded when he gently laid the little dog — about 10 inches high and no more than six or seven pounds — on the floor and unwrapped the towel.

“As you can see,” Jordan said as he held up the now healthy, happy dog, “he only has two legs.”

The dog, between 1 and 2 years old, has only short stumps where it should have front legs. The vet who treated the dog for mange could not tell whether it was born without front legs or had them amputated.

But two things are certain.

First, this dog will have a good home; Jordan will make sure of that.

And second, no matter how he lost his legs, this dog will cope. He stands on his two hind legs and hops wherever he wants to go.

“It was so pathetic when we first saw him, and he might have died if the woman hadn’t found him and brought him in,” Jordan said. “The mange was really terrible and had taken off most of his coat.”

The little dog — a Chihuahua mixed with some type of terrier — was found on Trimble Road near U.S. 30.

“He’s a lot happier now,” Jordan said Friday. The dog’s mange is healing and he’ll be ready for a new home soon.

“We haven’t heard him bark yet,” Jordan said. “But the first few days he was with us, he did whine. He was miserable. It takes time to get rid of mange, and he was in misery. Plus, with only two legs, he couldn’t reach to scratch every spot that he wanted to.”

The dog was treated at Ontario Animal Clinic using a veterinary care fund supplied by donations. The mange treatment includes a weekly shot at the vet’s and daily antibiotics, Jordan said.

The dog warden plans to finish the medical treatment in two to three weeks, then offer the dog for adoption — unless someone agrees to pay for the rest of the treatments.

How the two-legged dog wound up abandoned and close to death on Trimble Road will probably never be known. The woman who rescued him and brought him to the dog shelter didn’t even leave her name. She simply left after she was sure that the dog was in good hands and would be cared for.

The dog warden knows the little two-legged dog is a happy guy. When Jordan picks him up the dog does two things: He wags his tail and tries to lick the warden’s face.

Another article alongside the main one is a story about local engineers trying to design a harness for the unnamed but now famous puppy.

Local engineers challenged to design ‘legs’ for pup

MANSFIELD — Richland County Dog Warden Dave Jordan is hoping for some volunteered technical expertise to give his two-legged stray wheels for front legs.

Although the dog gets around by hopping on his two hind legs, Jordan said if he does that over many years, he’ll develop hip problems.

“Dogs were not made to walk on their back legs,” he said.

So Jordan is trying to fashion a harness-and-wheels apparatus that can be strapped to the dog’s chest. If mounted at precisely the right height and angle, Jordan figures the wheels can become the dog’s front legs.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

Nobody bother to tell Faith that!

If a Dogster adopts this puppy. please let me know so we can welcome him to the Dogster pack!

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