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Most of us don't want to think about the time after we die and what will happen to those we leave behind. I mean of...

Most of us don’t want to think about the time after we die and what will happen to those we leave behind. I mean of course our dogs and cats. But if you have pets its part of your job to think ahead and make sure you have a plan in place to care for them if you go to the Rainbow Bridge before them.

Thanks to Eddie Essig for barking in this reminder and this link to this excellent article on how to make sure your furfamily is cared for.

I don’t know if you happened to see this announcement about Noelle’s Mom, but it sparked my thought process:

This poor Dogster Mom suddenly passed away in her sleep at the young age of 47, and left behind 3 furkids with no one to care for them, thus giving them an uncertain future. What a scary thought!! In Snoop Dogs, along with the fun, I try hard to discuss important issues also, so I made this post concerning the matter:

A while back, we did a poll for fun asking the ages of our Snoop Moms. Sadly, that poll revealed that very few of us are “spring chickens” .

This fact, and a comment made by BT in the thread yesterday about the tragic loss of a 47 year old Dogster Mom who passed away suddenly and left behind 3 furkids and no one to care for them all together, as a family, has sparked me to begin this thread.

As much as everyone likes to believe they’re immortal … we all know we’re not. And each of us here have furkids that we love and adore. Some of us are married and some are not. We plan for retirement, we buy life insurance, we basically plan for everything in our lives … but have we ever sat down and seriously thought about a plan for our furkids.

What would happen to them if we suddenly were taken from them? We know no one can ever care for them like we do, but who would we trust to carry on? To feed them properly, to assure their vet care and good health, to love them as close as we do that they’re able?

I personally have voiced my wishes to my husband and family, but this makes me believe that I need to seriously face facts, and get a solid plan for my kids in place … IN WRITING … as morbid as the thought is … one never knows what life holds in store.

The first thought that comes to my mind is, that I need to buy some more life insurance, and make them beneficiaries. That way, would Dad not be able or available, whoever I appoint as next in line would have the means to care for them as the family unit they are, not separated or scattered everywhere or worse case scenario, end up in some shelter with an uncertain future, if any.

Sorry if I bummed you out first thing today … but I doubt very few of us have seriously considered this and I feel it’s a very important thought. My “kids” are my family … and just as you would a furless child, I think we need to provide.

Anyway, without mentioning my name, I thought maybe one of your final blog entries could be a reminder to all Dogster parents that this is an issue that should be considered. I doubt very few, including me until now, ever consider the topic.

And also thanks to Eddie for barking in this great post from the Rainbow Law Blog on steps to take to legally care for your furkids if you beat them to the Bridge.

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